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Introducing IDC

Indonesian Digital Council

The Indonesian Digital Council actively fosters digital advancement in Indonesia through a comprehensive approach that includes education, innovation, events, and advocacy efforts. By leveraging these key pillars, the Council is dedicated to promoting a supportive environment for the growth and development of the digital industry within the country.

Founding Companies:

DR (H.C.) M. Ridwan Kamil, S.T., M.U.D

IDC Honorary Boardmember


Digital Growth October 2023, Bali Indonesia

As a follow up to the meetings and discussions at Bitcoin 2023 a private event will be scheduled for selected companies.

Get invited for Bali 2023

Events overview

May 18th / 19th / 20th | Miami

IDC and Honory Boardmember at Bitcoin 2023

This is a past event!

May 4th & 5th | Washington DC

Launch IDC &  presentation Bitcoin Academy

This is a past event!

May 3rd | New York City

IDC presentation & Launch Bitcoin Academy

This is a past event!


Making an impact through Indonesia

West Java


IDC Resources

How IDC support the digital growth & Innovation in Indonesia.

IDC will provide its members with various resources to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge, and tools to participate in digital growth & sustainability of Indonesia and help them stay informed, develop their skills, and collaborate effectively with other members. Some of the available resources are; Information resources Events, Job Openings, Training and development, Networking opportunities, Tools and resources for collaboration, Research and analysis, Support and guidance.


Our Goals

What we would like to achieve.



How you can support and be part of the IDC.

How you can support or be part of the IDC? Anwser is quite simple attend and interact at our online and offline events, become a member or become a sponsor.  If you want to do more ? Please share knowledge, contribute value and give back to the community.

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A member will have access to amazing network and resources while contributing to the digital growth & sustainability of Indonesia.

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A sponsor will  receive additional exposure, branding and activation opporunities presented on the IDC website, events and the ability to communicate with members on a coperate level.

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Harvey Blom

"Supporting Digital Growth"

We enjoy working with Indonesia. We love the culture, people and the potential of Digital Growth. We are here to support the IDC to reach it goals.
Harvey Blom

"Supporting Digital Growth"

We enjoy working with Indonesia. We love the culture, people and the potential of Digital Growth. We are here to support the IDC to reach it goals.
Harvey Blom
Harvey Blom

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