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Justisiari Perdana

Partner, K&K Advocates

Charles Ruffolo

Partner, GRN Energy

Harvey Blom

Partner, GRN Energy

Bobby Davidoff

CEO, Bentaus

Mattheüs Patty

Paul Ruffolo

Kreshna Putr

Alexander S. Allen

Sherly Gosal

Partner, CEO Erfal BV & KCV Singapore PTE Ltd

Osama Albalah

Market research


Honorary Boardmembers

DR (H.C.) M. Ridwan Kamil,

S.T., M.U.D

Prof (H.C.) Djauhari Oratmangun

MEc, MA Comm

Bobby Davidoff

CEO, Bentaus

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Honorary Ambassador

“Digital transformation and innovation is not an option, it is a necessity for Indonesia’s growth, connectivity and sustainability. I am proud to support The Indonesian Digital Council to drive innovation, collaboration, and regulation to ensure that the benefits of digitalization are accessible to all Indonesians, while also safeguarding their privacy, security, and dignity.”

DR (H.C.) M. Ridwan Kamil, S.T., M.U.D, IDC  Honorary Boardmember