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Announcement: Prof (HC) Djauhari Oratmangun MEc, MA Comm. latest IDC Honorary Member

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  • Announcement: Prof (HC) Djauhari Oratmangun MEc, MA Comm. latest IDC Honorary Member

Dr. Djauhari Oratmangun, born on July 22, 1957, currently serves as the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia. He is known for his significant contributions to fostering international relationships, particularly between China and Indonesia, with a focus on promoting bilateral cooperation in the area of environmental protection technology. His extensive diplomatic career spans over 30 years, during which he has served in various prominent positions, including as the Indonesian Ambassador to Russia and in other countries like New York, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Mongolia.

The Indonesian Digital Council is honored and thrilled to welcome Dr. Djauhari Oratmangun on board as advisor and board member.

Dr. Oratmangun’s new role as an Honorary Board Member and advisor of the Indonesian Digital Council reflects his deep commitment to the digital growth and sustainability of Indonesia. With an impressive background in addressing diverse issues such as human rights, environment, trade, investment, and digital economy, he brings valuable expertise to the council. His efforts have been instrumental in promoting digital advancement in Indonesia, as he actively engages in events, lobbying, consulting, education, and advocacy initiatives. His strong focus on fostering strong international relations has been a driving force in the pursuit of collaborative opportunities for the benefit of both Indonesia and its global partners.