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17-20 November 2022 | LOI signing in West Java, Indonesia | 2nd visit

17-20th November 2022

West Java, Bandung Indonesia

On their returned to West Java, Benatus, CEO, Robert Davidoff & GRN Energy, Partner, Charles Ruffolo touched down in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia to establish a Joint Venture (JV) Company with PT Jabar Energi Digital and Bentaus LCC.

In the presence of the Governor M. Ridwan Kamil of West Java the JV was signed and witnessed in the residence of the Governor. Additionally, Benatus, CEO Robert Davidoff gave a speech to personnel from both West Java, Government Energy Agency and the State-Owed Electricity Company, PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) (PLN).

It was agreed that in May 2023, the Governor M. Ridwan Kamil of West Java would travel to United States to visit and meet with investors in New York City and Washington, DC to further expand the plans set-out in Amsterdam, Rome and Bandung.