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Kemajuan Digital Maluku supports children in Indonesia to thrive in the digital world.

About us

Kemajuan Digital Maluku

KDM was founded by Hein Ursepuny and Willem Patty. With the support of the Indonesian Digital Council (IDC), we plan to conduct a fact-finding investigation in Indonesia in October 2023. We want to do this with local organizations and schools.

Hein Ursepuny, Willem Patty and Charles Ruffolo

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The Digital Learning Project

For many families, including families from Moluccan villages on the islands of Indonesia, it is too expensive to give their children digital resources such as a laptop. This can lead to a delay in the child’s development.

For this reason, we (Hein Ursepuny and Willem Patty) from Kemajuan Digital Maluku have started the digital learning project. With this project we want to give children from Moluccan villages the opportunity to develop in today’s digital world.

This project is supported by:

Our Mission

the target

KDM would like to start a fact-finding investigation in the Moluccas. We are starting this research in collaboration with various church authorities, educational institutions and social institutions. In order for the project to be successful, we strive for transparency, clarity, sufficient support and stability.

Personal conversations with authorities and organizations and viewing locations are of great importance here. Finally, it is motivating because the goals are clearly stated for whom it is intended. We strive to increase labor market opportunities for this group. We want to achieve this by supplying used laptops to as many underprivileged children as possible so that they can receive lessons about digital resources and their use.

Molukken (Eilanden groep van Indonesië)

The Moluccas has approximately 2.1 million inhabitants and is an archipelago of more than 1000 islands located in eastern Indonesia. Almost half of the Moluccans are Christian. The other half is largely Islamic. The Moluccas are surrounded by the following seas: Banda Sea, Moluccan Sea, Halmahera Sea, Seram Sea, Arafura Sea and Timor Sea.


Why The Moluccas?

The province of Maluku was in a disadvantaged position. Educational institutions have or receive too few learning resources or none, which means that pupils or students cannot develop optimally. KDM wants to contribute to educational institutions in the Moluccas and provide them with digital resources.